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Conference Interpreting

We provide high quality qualified linguists for conferences/exhibition all over the UK, we make sure your client and delegates leave with the language barrier broken.

Our highly qualified linguists are trained for conference interpreting and ensure only the right linguist is chosen to meet your requirements.

All our conference interpreters are trained in medical, business and legal terminology.

If you'd like a chat with us please contact us for more information.




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Why Choose Global Translation Services ?

  • We have never failed to either meet or exceed our obligations to our clients
  • We identify the exact geographical location of the customer, pinpointing dialect, sub-sets of language, second or third languages spoken and match staff accordingly
  • We have the capability to make exact cultural and linguistic matches between the translator or interpreter, and the client every time
  • We are friendly, professional, proactive, supportive and responsive
  • Our admin staff are all bilingual, increasing efficiency from the first point of contact.


Contact us via email at or use the contact form and we will respond to you in 30 minutes.

Alternatively, give us a call on 0121 686 2957