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Knowledge Centre

Welcome to the Knowledge Centre. Here you can explore all the FAQ's available on the site.


You can contact us by telephone, Birmingham 0121 686 2957 , London 020 8914 7747,  Manchester 0161 451 4488 or email : or just use the contact form and we'll get back to you in 30 mins.

We provide 200 languages and dialects to meet your needs, please click on our language list. We also provide male and female linguists in all these languages.

We can provide a bespoke quote to you in less than 30 mins. Please contact our Client Service Team on 020 8914 7747 or via email and we will help you with all your language needs.

If you’re a client just give us a ring and we get our IT department to set that up for you in less then 1 hour. If you’re an interpreter you would get access once you are fully registered with us allowing you to manage your own portal and bookings.

We provide same day translation service, so yes you can have it ASAP. The cost of translation will depend on the document itself. Feel free to send it over to us to get a quote under 30 mins.

Interpreting quotes are different to translation quotes, a full breakdown will be provided and  the nature of the event and the number of hours required will be taken into account.

Yes, we do. We have been the leading provider for major companies outside the UK for over 5 years now, our international network is growing and we are always looking for new linguists.

No, we have over 5000 linguists based all over the UK and growing. 

Yes, we provide all our services 24 hours and have a support line for out of hours calls.

Yes, it would normally take seconds to connect to our dedicated telephone interpreting service using our state to art telephone system, but rare languages will take longer.

British Sign Language interpreting is the means of passing messages between hearing and hard of hearing people, through a variety of ways, which include using different hand shapes and movements, facial expressions, lip patterns, upper body and head movement.  

As well as translating the meaning of the words, professional interpreters transfer the real meaning and feeling with its own grammar and syntax.

The British Deaf Association estimates that there are approximately 70,000 people in Britain, whose first or preferred language is BSL.